Amout me

Fedor Alexeev

Date of birth: 1952

Place of residence: St.Petersburg, Russia


1972-1974 North-West Politechnical Institute, Faculty “Technical cybernetics” (incomplete higher education)
1974-1976 Moscow Technological Institute, Faculty “Technology of Clothing” (incomplete higher education)
1974-1988 Studio of G.V.Mudrenov (drawing, painting, composition)
1976-1982 Leningrad Artistic Industry Higher School named after Mukhina. Workshop of monumental painting. Teachers: Suvorov, Petrov, Talavira.
1982-1988 Institute named after Repin. Drawing classes. Teachers: Govorkov, Oikhovsky
1985-1988 Institute named after Repin. Workshop of monumental painting. Teacher: S.I.Repin.
1996 Candidate for the member of the Union of Artists of Russia.
1999 Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Selected individual exhibitions

1992 “Borey” Gallery, St.Petersburg.
1994 Commandant’s-House. Peter and Paul’s Fortress, St.Petersburg
1993 Union of Artists of Russia, St.Petersburg
2000 “Borey” Gallery, St.Petersburg.
2001 “RIM” Center of Modem Furniture, St.Petersburg
2002 “Valencia” Gallery, St.Petersburg
2002 “Art Collegia” Gallery
2003 Exhibition Hall “Smolnyj”, St.Petersburg
2003 “The House of Architects”, ART Index, St.Petersburg
2006 G-2 gallery, Tokyo
2009 Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”, St-Petersburg

Selected collective exhibition


From 1989 to present Zonal Exhibitions of the Union of Artists of Russia (autumn and spring), St.Petersburg
1989 “Rossija Molodaya” (“Young Russia”), Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow
From 1990 to present “Biennial of perfect art”, St.Petersburg
1991 Within “Magistery” group, St.Petersburg
From 1993 “Entire St.Petersburg , “Manege” Central Exhibition Hall, St.Petersburg
1993 “Self Portrait”, “Manege” Central Exhibition Hall, St.Petersburg
1994 “St.Petersburg Square”, St.Petersburg
From 1996 to present “Wall”, the Union of Artists of Russia, St.Petersburg
1999 Show at “Sotbis” Auction, Rostok
2000 Congress “300 anniversary of St.Petersburg”, Tavrichesky Palace, St.Petersburg
2003 “Valencia” Gallery, St.Petersburg
2003 “The House of Radio”, ART Index, St.Petersburg
2004 “St.Petersburg – Paris”, the Union of Artists of Russia, St.Petersburg
2004 ART Index, Russian Ethnographical Musem, St.Petersburg
2004 “The Festival of the Galleries of St.Petersburg”, “Manege” Central Exhibition Hall, St.Petersburg
2005 “St.Petersburg – Los Angeles”, Japanese Art Gallery, St.Petersburg
2005 “Dialogues”, “Manege” Central Exhibition Hall, St.Petersburg
2005 “The Festival of the Galleries”, “Manege” Central Exhibition Hall, St.Petersburg
2005 “60-anniversary of the Victory in the World War II”, Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow
2006 ART-Zurich 2006, Zurich
2007 ART New York 2007
2007 Open Art 2007, Paris
2008 ART Expo New York 2008
2008 Puerto Rico international ART FАIR
2008 ART NOW FАIR Miami, USA
2009 ART ASIA BASEL, Switzerland
2010 ART EXPO, New-York, USA
2010 ART CHICAGO, Chicago, USA
2010 ART ASIA, Miami, USA
2013 Art Hamptons, New-York, USA
2013 Southampton, New-York, USA
2014 Art Basel Scoop, Basel, Switzerland
2015 Art New York, New-York, USA
2016 Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE
2017 Art Basel Maiami, Maiami, USA

Represented in collections:

UN Ex Secretary General Perez de Cuellar
Diagilev Center

I have started creating my own pictorial system, getting rid of all rules of conceiving, conducting and completing the picture.

Today every canvas of mine contains all my drawing experience, all my conceptions of the painting process, all categories of my compositional essence. I would like to reach the combination of the imagination source, academic disciplines creating representation and exhibition emanation for determining the painting space of the form given to me.